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OS 6.2.2 and readycloud.


OS 6.2.2 and readycloud.

After installing OS 6.2.2 , I found that some "cloud" users couldn't access their accounts. I realize that the problem is probably with the netgear "cloud" servers, but I don't know how to straighten it out. I tried to re-send "invitations" , but because the users had an account on my NAS, "readycloud" refused to send an invitation to a previously registered e-mail address. I read through netgears' help section, but didn't find my specific problem addressed. I'd like to totally delete my readycloud account, and then re-establish it, but that option isn't addressed either. If anyone has a solution...., I'd really appreciate hearing it! Hope to hear from someone soon.

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Re: OS 6.2.2 and readycloud.

Try logging in to readycloud.netgear.com using the account that you are having issues with. Remove the username and then re-create it from there. Once done, check if you may allow access/ permission to that newly created user to a specific share.
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