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Re: Operating System Overhaul Request


Operating System Overhaul Request

* I was told by phone support to make my request for change. in this forums.

* ReadyNas 422 owner


Hello everyone, I would like netgear as a whole to see this pause in time as an opportunity to make big change to the ReadyNas community, it's no secret that the readynas operating system is outdated and behide the times, the main issuses are :


1) "debian 8.11 jessie" this operating system was made available all the way back in 2015 and was superseded in 2017 by debian 9, and security updates were discontinued all the way back in 2018. as netgear can only maintain the operating system at a user level "rely on the open source community for updates for a discontinued project" some parts of the readynas os will always remain open to attack


2) "apache2" hit end of life back in 2017, which makes it another security risk. netgear should consider using another HTTP Server. as its showing it's age when it comes to broswer support, i've had it crash just by uploading a ".deb" file multiple times, as this is the only way for some users to make use of the netgear hardware it makes no sense to be supporting that vital UI with discontinued projects


3) "connman" sounds like a con right, its a network manager that has many problems, one of them is being very hard to use and setup. a better network manager would of been, you guessed it "NetworkManager" which would do everything netgear would want, "being able to accept commands" from "apache2"


4) portainer found in the "available apps" in the web UI doesn't install and is outdated, infact all of the apps in the readynas avaliable apps store is out of date. nothing gets updated. the only way to get updated apps is to sideloard them using the "upload" button which half the time as i've already said, doesn't work... 


5) ram usage is sky high, the OS alone take up a gb and a half, thats more than half my ram. im left with 500mb if that to play with, if this was a desktop machine. it would be unusable


6) looking at the competition the web UI along with the feature set is behind the times and has been for some years now. honestly it was out of date at launch! 

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Re: Operating System Overhaul Request

Yes and no. Debian 8 Jesse is - now it was - LTS. Debian Long Term Support (LTS) is a project to extend the lifetime of all Debian stable releases to (at least) 5 years. Trouble is that this "support" expired June 30, 2020.


Very odd Linux distro for a product platform: Debian LTS is not handled by the Debian security team, but by a separate group of volunteers and companies interested in making it a success.

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Re: Operating System Overhaul Request

* can not edit my original post above


Debian should never have been picked for a nas product, a better longterm solution would have been Fedora! which is a free spin off from redhat! a class of operating system made for the business


"netduma" seems to make nice UI's, like Synology.. theres no excuse for the readynas community to be left in the dark like this, "netduma" may be a gaming router focused team/ project, but it's teams could be moved to help make the business class of devices better. no excuse! none

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Re: Operating System Overhaul Request

...not an excuse - just wanted to point out more resons for moving forward. 

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Re: Operating System Overhaul Request

its not just the Operating System thats out of date! but the core components used with in the Operating System "apache2" half this stuff no normal user would know about. i wouldn't have known about the lack of updates to these core components if it wasn't for the lack of support for the readynas project in the app store or it's failing UI! I feel extremely let down, half of the cost of this device was in brand name alone... so far i've seen no repaying from the brand! no core updates... just Laziness!


you should be wanting to be better than synology and other brands... it isnt hard to make an app store that downloads ".deb files" or have a nice looking UI! I could do a better job!

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Re: Operating System Overhaul Request

importent things like adding an ip allusion are missing, when you do manage to add another ip address to your one ethernet nic, you find port 80 and port 443 are all taken up by "apache2" on every ip address unless you edit a core file with in "apache2" to only use the ports on the ip address you specify. 


why you might ask did i need another ip address and those ports free from all ip address apart from the one im using to manage my readynas, well i wanted a a lancache server


look up lancachenet.


if the basic options were with in the web UI i wouldn't have needed to enter ssh and ask for support from the freenode ~~linux-help and ~~networking community, cause let me tell you phone support and chat were useless here! ive had to use docker to install lancache cause its not in the readynass app store...


after getting it working its been up for almost a year and is working great! I could see readynas being so much better than it currently is! its a mess at the moment, out dated mess, no other words for it!

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Re: Operating System Overhaul Request

I sold my 2 year old 1u RR2304 on eBay a matter of hours ago.  The contents are dumping to a pair of 12TB drives right now so I can ship it.  Why?

1) Zero R&D spend on the product, despite of 42% YoY Q3 2020 revenue growth

2) Zero mention of the ReadyNAS lineup in the in quarterly performance filings / annuals

3) Chinese lawsuits against Netgear for patent infringement (probably Chinese extortion, but maybe not)

4) The last press release referring to ReadyNAS storage was in September of 2017

5)  Zero hardware releases for 3 years


As Bones put it in Star Trek - "She's dead Jim."


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