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Options for streaming pics and video from NAS


Options for streaming pics and video from NAS

I'm looking for some help with accessing my NAS content on mobile/devices in and out of my network.  I have an RN102 which I use to store pictures and home videos.  I would like to access this content mainly at home but it would also be nice to view outside my LAN.

I need to view on iPhone, iPad, and FireTV stick. And my PC from work.


I heard some people talking about disliking the ReadyCloud portal.  Kodi doesn't have an iPhone app (AFAIK), and I don't want to pay for Plex and don't care for the 1 minute limitation and watermarks.  I am aware that I probably can't have it all and somethings got to give, but wondering if I may be missing something?  Thanks


Actually, I just noticed that to unlock the iPhone app is only $5.  I wonder if that's per device....

Model: RN102|ReadyNAS 100 Series
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Re: Options for streaming pics and video from NAS

You have quite a few options, you certainly aren't limited to ReadyCloud and Plex.


You can set up a VPN to allow your mobile devices and PCs to access your home network remotely.  Two options that folks use here are openVPN and ZeroTier.  They can be installed on the ReadyNAS - though the install/setup can be complex.  OpenVPN is built into many routers (including Nighthawk), so that setup is simpler.  Apps are available for PC, Mac, Android, and OSX.  You can deploy this for free.


OwnCloud is closer to ReadyCloud.  Apps are free.  You can install it yourself on the NAS or get a ReadyNAS app for a small amount (one time cost) from rnxtras.com.


If you are ok with downloading the files to the mobile device first, then you can use Resilio Sync, or you can use some of the built-in cloud services of the NAS (google drive, etc).  There are also some apps that support FTPS (encrypted FTP) file transfers, and it pretty simple to set FTPS server functionality up on the NAS.  

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