RB104 iCloud won't turn on


RB104 iCloud won't turn on

I have been unable to access my readyNAS from the cloud - after trying to connect for a while I get the status of 'offline'.  I had received an e-mail for netgear insructing me to re-enable cloud access from my admin page.  When I tried to do it I got the message 'invalid email or password'.  After rebooting same problem.

The email further stated.

  1. If you experience problems, reboot your ReadyNAS system one time and try again to rejoin ReadyCLOUD.
    If you still cannot rejoin ReadyCLOUD, visit the ReadyNAS community at

Any help would be appreciated - I don't use readycloud from the 'internet' often - but when I do it is very helpful


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Re: RB104 iCloud won't turn on

There are full instructions here:

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