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RN102 and Readycloud Desktop App for Mac


RN102 and Readycloud Desktop App for Mac

I have been backing up my Mac Documents folder for many months now. It has seemed to work very well, but as reported in this ocmmunity before, the indications from the desktop app window are rarely clear.  The other day I noticed different indications being presented for a second older that I backup using the app.  In this second case a nice green tick was present indicating the folder was in sync.  For the Documents folder it remined the indexing 0% or indexing 100%, always in grey (never green).  And so I again got fed up and decided to try and delete the backup share from my ReadyNAS and start again - i.e. through the desktop app initiate the backup of the Documents folder.  

Since doing this no files or sub-folders have been backed-up, except for any that I modify, in which case a synchronised indication is shown.  This suggests to me that deep within the ReadyNAS it has recalled the original backup 'job' and continues to only back-up modifications.

Any advice please?  Clearly I do not want to rename a folder on my Mac OS as fundamental as 'Documents'.


I think I am experiencing something similar to that described in a previous thread: https://community.netgear.com/t5/ReadyCLOUD/Trouble-Setting-Up-Backups/td-p/988852



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