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ReadyCloud PC Sync with symbolic links


ReadyCloud PC Sync with symbolic links


I would like to synchronize in both directions many folders located in many locations of my computer. When creating a PC sync folder, ReadyCloud creates the sync folder in ReadySync user folder. Let's say my folder is named MySyncFolder


My idea was to create symlinks to all locations I'd like to sync in that folder as it was for example suggested in that topic, thinking it would be working well, but it is not : https://community.netgear.com/t5/ReadyCLOUD/readycloud-windows-app-PC-sync-destination-folder/td-p/9...


I've made a few tests. As expected, if I add a file in the MySyncFolder, it appears on the NAS storage, if I delete it, it disappears from the NAS, if I add a file on the NAS, it appears in the MySyncFolder, and if I delete a file on the NAS, it disappears in the MySyncFolder. Well, everything here is correct


Now, I create a symlink in the MySyncFolder : symlink /D MySymlink D:\MySymlinkTest

The folder and what it contains comes over the NAS. Well, that is what was expected. But after that, it doesn't work :

- If a create a file in MySymlinkTest directory, it never comes up to the NAS

- If a delete a file in MySymlinkTest directory, it is not deleted on the NAS

- Even worse, if I delete a file in MySymlinkTest directory, if I force a synchronization in ReadyCloud (Refreshing), the file will be either restored on the computer (not correct !!!). If I make the same thing a second time, deleting the same file, refreshing again, then it will be deleted on the NAS (which is correct). There is an hasardous behaviour... depending on if it's first time or not you tried to delete the file.


I also tried using junctions, the behavior is the same, it doesn't work well.

Any idea of what the problem is ? Any idea of how I can make what I want ?


In fact, I'm a little bit disappointed by ReadyCloud... I never manage to make what I want

Backup Current User Folder ? It is not possible directly (Already made a topic on that)

Sync many folders in one using symlinks ? Troubles in making this

And when using backup from ReadyCloud, it only adds new files to the backup on the NAS, but not delete the ones which has been deleted on the computer, so when you rearrange the files on your computer, they will appear many times, in their old location and new location. A big mess. (I feel like someone will say : But the backup prevents from deleting the file on the computer as well ^^ I think it is more the snapshot function stuff.)


I think I will make a try with SyncToy from Microsoft, but I would have being able to make those things using ReadyCloud.

- First, ReadyCloud sync should work with symlinks and junctions

- Second, why is ReadyCloud not configurable to let the user choose the way he wants ReadyCLoud to behave (only backup all files only by adding new files, or deleting files that have disappeared too ?) - But not too much configuration, just two or three "modes" or way to behave : the fact ReadyCloud is simple to use is a great thing !


Sorry, a little bit long, I wanted to give as much elements as possible to explain the problem. And give also a little feedback of my experience with ReadyCloud


And thank you as always in advance for those who will answer and help !

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