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ReadyCloud V1.16 - Online (vpn Disconnected)


ReadyCloud V1.16 - Online (vpn Disconnected)

Hi All,

I have had a recurring issue with the Desktop App not being able to connect when working remotely to my Home network.

Windows 7 32bit

Desktop App V1.16

ReadyNAS 102 with 6.8.0 Firmware


I cannot log in remotely using the Desktop App no matter what I try and do.

Uninstalled / Reinstalled Desktop App.

Logged in and out too many times to count.

I have not worried so much as web access works even though it is slower, but recently I have had need to continually access files remotely and am finding the delays / slowness frustrating.  I do not understand why this seems to be a recurring issue that never seems to be solved.


Any ideas, support on how to get this working remotely would be appreciated.

Model: RN102|ReadyNAS 100 Series
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Re: ReadyCloud V1.16 - Online (vpn Disconnected)

Hi Dieselngas,


Welcome to the Community!


Please try to disconnect and reconnect the Readycloud service from the cloud tab on the admin page of the NAS. You may also try turning off firewall or anti-virus that may affect the Readycloud client. You may also try updating the firmware of your NAS to 6.9.0.


NETGEAR Community Team

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Re: ReadyCloud V1.16 - Online (vpn Disconnected)

Hi Dieselngas,

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Re: ReadyCloud V1.16 - Online (vpn Disconnected)

Good morning team,


I am having exactly the same issue here. 


Firmware on our ReadyNAS is 6.9.3 

ReadyCloud App on the MacBook client machine is 1.6


We have other machines that are currently remotely connected so I don't assume it is an issue with the NAS.


Any ideas?








Model: RN214|4 BAY Desktop ReadyNAS Storage
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Re: ReadyCloud V1.16 - Online (vpn Disconnected)

To get VPN connection,ReadyCLOUD client should active VPN network interface correctly and obtain a 5.*.*.* IP address.

How to check if there is 5.*.*.* IP address after login ReadyCLOUD client


go to Network Connection window,right click on Leaf Networks Adapter,properties.


Open terminal and execute command "ifconfig -a" to check if there is a tap0 interface activated.


Changing DNS is worth a try to fix VPN disconnected issue.you can try Google DNS(


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