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ReadyNAS Alert: System volume root's usage is 90%.


ReadyNAS Alert: System volume root's usage is 90%.

Greetings programs,


I had the following error on my ReadyNAS 524X (4 bay NAS).


"System volume root's usage is 90%. This condition should not occur under normal conditions. Contact technical support."


After a lot of trouble shooting (with technical support), it turns out that this error is because I accidentally turned on the AUDIT service. Apparently this uses a lot of memory. What you do to turn it off is the following:


1. log into your NAS using the admin login and password.  If you don't know how to do this, you need to know the NAS IP address.  If you don't know it, launch the Windows Command Prompt and type in:  ping [name of nas].  This should tell you what IP address your NAS is using.  Then go into your browser and type in the IP address to access the login.


2. enter your admin credentials (name and password). 


3. From there you will be in the GUI (graphical user interface).  Go into SYSTEM - SETTINGS - and then scroll to the top do you can see the SERVICES.  It will list a bunch of things, one of which will be Audit.  If the audit button is ON (is orange) then click it to turn it off.


Then wait and see if it fixes the problem.


I hope this helps you.  I had to pay for a service contract for a year which is about half the cost of the NAS, to get this solution.  So when you speak of me, speak well.

Model: RN524X|ReadyNAS 524X – Premium Performance Data Storage - 4-Bay
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Re: ReadyNAS Alert: System volume root's usage is 90%.

There are actually a lot of things that can cause this, a rogue app being one of them.  What apps are you running, if any?  Plex is especially notorious for leaving "scraps" of transcodes in the OS partition.  An improperly mounted USB drive when a backup to that drive is triggered can also do it.


If you feel comfortable going in and using the SSH command prompt, @StephenB has some intructions I think he pastes in from a
"cheat sheet" for cleaning out the OS partition.  Or use Google to search this forum (the forum's own search is pittiful) for the process -- it's posted many times.  Otherwise, this is a case for Netgear support.  But do something quickly, as you can lose all access if it fills up more.


Besides clening up the OS partition, it is important to find the cause, ot it likely will happen again.

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