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I have had my ready NAS 102 for over a year and now I would like to get it setup on readycloud for access when I am away from the office. Currenly I have it as a mapped drive on my computer, so I can find it fine but ReadyCLOUD says "Currently you have no registered devices." I am sure there is a simple solution but I have spent the better part of the day trying to resolve myself. I recongize that I need help.


Thanks in advance for suggestions.


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Re: ReadyNas 102 - ReadyCLOUD

What firmware are you running?


Did you enable ReadyCloud on the cloud tab of the RN104's web ui?

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Re: ReadyNas 102 - ReadyCLOUD

I am running firmware 6.7.5.

I have the switch in the ON position.


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Re: ReadyNas 102 - ReadyCLOUD

I have the same problem. The old Readynas remote allowed users to MAP the 55.xx.xx IP address to a drive letter to match you local LAN. Now all you get is a link and when tying to open Outlook all my PST files are stored on Q:\Outlook. Trying to re-link 6 Outlook accounts to new locations is a non starter. Why the change? Simple map to IP and it works.

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Re: ReadyNas 102 - ReadyCLOUD

Hello jchowelljr,


Would you please check on CLOUD tab, is it show "Signed in as xxxxxxx" bellow "ReadyCLOUD" link?

Make sure you sign in with the "Signed in as" account show on NAS GUI.


If it still not work, you can "Leave" cloud and turn on readycloud with your account credential and try again.


Notes: Make sure your user's home folder data is backuped before "Leave" cloud.


Best Regards.

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