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Re: confused about readyCloud/netGear accounts/usernames


confused about readyCloud/netGear accounts/usernames

HI. I am trying to set up my readyCloud and register my readyNAS 102.  It looks like readyCloud is being upgraded/ended/replaced with a netGear account?  And that I should upgrade my account from readyCloud to a netGear account? as per this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXdDZc0N13M&t=54s


I have tried everything, but cannot progress.  I can log in using an email address and password.  But I don't anywhere see anything that might be a 'username'.  I have created an account at readycloud.netgear.com.  Is that a readyCloud account or a netgear account?


I tried to create a netgear account, but when I tried that using the same email as I used for the readyCloud (or whatever that ^^URL is for) it said that email was already in use. So I used a new email address, and when I logged in I was returned to the same domain (readycloud.netgear.com).


So - do I have a netgear account or a readycloud account?  I seem to have both and neither.  In respect of recovering my details I am asked to enter a username - but neither of the accounts I can log in to show me a username in the settings!


I am really confused.  Can we do this step by step, starting with finding out if I have either a netgear account or a readycloud account, and where I have to log in, and what steps I need to follow to upgrade my account - if indeed I have the kind of account that can be upgraded.  


I am starting to think that I probably don't have a readyCloud account at all, and I have two netgear accounts.

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Re: confused about readyCloud/netGear accounts/usernames

I have logged in at home- gained access to the admin server and turned on readyCloud as a cloud service.


If I return to readycloud.netgear.com I am still offered the opportunity to upgrade to a netgear account, which means I must have a readycloud account?  Is there anyway to tell which kind of account I have?


if I click on the links to convert to a netgear account, it asks for my username - even more confusing.  how do i find out what my username is?  I have not created one.  


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Re: confused about readyCloud/netGear accounts/usernames

Netgear uses SSO (single sign on), so you can use your my.netgear.com account credentials for ReadyCloud (as you do for this forum)

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Re: confused about readyCloud/netGear accounts/usernames

Thanks Stephen.  I am more confused - should I be registering my readyNas through my.netgear.com then?  Instead of readycloud.netgear.com? I tried last night and I got an error saying I should contact support.


Is this the correct forum for that?

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Re: confused about readyCloud/netGear accounts/usernames

Registering your NAS for support/warranty purchases has to be done through my.netgear.com.  It is a good idea to upload your receipt when you register (it can save trouble later on).


Joining your ReadyNAS to ReadyCloud doesn't require registration for warranty though.  Any OS 6 system can be joined to ReadyCloud, including used NAS (which aren't eligible for paid support and can't be registered at my.netgear.com).


Enabling ReadyCloud needs to happen on readycloud.netgear.com.  When you log into ReadyCloud (and also this forum), your credentials are authenticated by my.netgear.com (which is what single sign on is about). 


@bleepbloop wrote:

Thanks Stephen.  I am more confused

I think the confusion here is that your youtube link was intended to help users migrate to SSO back in 2016.  You don't need to migrate/convert your account (unless you created your account before SSO).


Did you try logging in to ReadyCloud using the same email address/password as you use here?


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Re: confused about readyCloud/netGear accounts/usernames

I believe if your NAS is not already registered at my.netgear.com it is automatically registered to the account you use to join it to ReadyCLOUD.

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