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"Folder Backup Error" after Crash at 3/30/17


"Folder Backup Error" after Crash at 3/30/17

ReadyNAS 102 V6.6.1 + Ready Cloud Client 1.15


After the crash and deleting of all cloud-users end of March I reinstalled the users.

I also had to reestablish the "Backup PC Folder" connections of that users, because there was none.

But when I tried, the Ready Cloud Client told me


"Folder Backup Error

Selected Folder already has a backup job on this device"

but there was none!


So it seems that there are residues of the crash.

I searched in the Win8.1 registry, but coud not find any item with that Folder


And now my question:

Where is the information about that PC-Backup-Folders stored?

And how can I delete that old stuff?


I look forward to your comment and help!

Model: RN102|ReadyNAS 100 Series
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Re: "Folder Backup Error" after Crash at 3/30/17

Maybe you should contact NETGEAR at the email address provided in the sticky topic about the ReadyCLOUD issue: https://community.netgear.com/t5/ReadyCLOUD/Having-ReadyCLOUD-problems-since-3-30-17/m-p/1259697#U12...

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