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PNY 1GB 64A0TNDYA8G17 in Duo

I don't think this one is already in the list:

The PNY Technologies Europe 64A0TNDYA8G17 1GB module seems to be working ok in a Duo.

It's passed two memory tests so far (I'll run some more). [UPDATE] Three now.

Frontview reports is as 1024 MB [2.5-3-3-7], so timings are the same as the 256MB that it was shipped with.

I'll run some file transfer tests and update this message with the results.

Results Read : 28.7 MB/s, Write : 30.9 MB/s --- for a 4GB file.
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Re: PNY 1GB 64A0TNDYA8G17 in Duo

I know this is an old thread but it was useful to me. I also installed this PNY module in my Duo mark 1 and it passed two tests that took just over an hour with each cycle taking about 9 mins. The module had 16 chips - 8 each side.

I have to say though that I have not noticed any difference in performance. I was hoping for an improvement in speed when managing the Logitech media server via the web interface while listening to music on my Touch. There is no noticeable improvement even after setting the media server to use more memory. This is with radiator 4.1.8 and media server 7.7.2
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