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Amazon Cloud Drive Sync - Old Data overwrites new data after firmware upgrade on RN516



I recently upgraded the firmware on my RN516 from 6.6.1 to 6.7.4.  Previously I had been using Amazon Coud Drive sync without issue and was very happy with it.


However, when I had finished the upgrade and the NAS rebooted, I noticed the Amazon Coud Drive sync had been turned off.  I turned it on and logged in again to authenticate the RN516 and chose the shares to sync.


To my horror the sync began to download from Amazon and overwrite the data on the readynas.  Luckily I backup to a second local location so I managed to recover my data, but surely the sync should overwrite the older (Amazon) data with the newer (RN516) data?


I have now lost faith in the sync until the issue is addressed.  Anyone else had a similar experience?



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