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Re: Camera Survillance Software


Camera Survillance Software

We have a variety of ReadyNAS systems.


We have several Amcrest cameras that we are trying to connect to the ReadyNAS system via FTP protocol.  Once completed there will be a widespread rollout of these cameras. 


For some reason the FTP Server in the ReadyNAS system and the Amcrest cameras do not cooperate --   connection is refused.  FileZilla works but the Amcrest cameras do not.  We have tried almost every combination of parameters.


Is there a Survalliance software suite available to run on the ReadyNAS  that can connect to these cameras?




Model: RN422X123|ReadyNAS 4220 10Gbase-T (12x3TB Enterprise)
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Re: Camera Survillance Software

Hi Digital999,


Currently, we do not have any surveillance software that will work on our NAS units. We have before the ReadyNAS Surveillance and the Milestone Arcus but both are already in End of Service. (https://community.netgear.com/t5/ReadyNAS-Storage-Apps-Current/ReadyNAS-Surveillance-and-Milestone-A...)



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Re: Camera Survillance Software

There are a number of Linux surveillance programs that could be installed on a ReadyNAS, but not as a app.  Google is your friend here.  You'd need to go to SSH to install, and perhpas to do some management.  Not all of them are designed to be installed or managed headless, though.  It is a shame that Netgear has still not implemented Docker as an official part of the OS.  Running these containerized, especially for the evaluation part, would be best.


Personally, I run Blue Iris on a PC and use the NAS as archival backup.  Up untill I moved to rack mount NAS and decided to get a wizz-bang rack mount PC for all my applications and virtual machines, I used a very basic, older computer (Core2 Quad) to do that.  Blue Iris runs on Windows.  If I had gone with Linux on the PC, it probably would have run on an even lesser machine using one of the (many free) Linux options for survelillance.

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Re: Camera Survillance Software

Hi there

I run iVideon (www.ivideon.com) on my RN314 within a docker container which works very well. It could also be possible to install natively too with a bit of work.

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Re: Camera Survillance Software

Thanks for those who replied.

We use our ReadyNAS systems for production related purposes -- i.e. no development and management of environment only.


I just want to purchase a solution and not get into development mode.


Seems like a market for Netgear but they will need to decide. 





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