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Dropbox corrupting share permissions...

Hey guys,


I've discovered an interesting situation that is quite frustrating. It seems that when you have strict permissions on a share, the embedded DB client will overwrite them with explicit permissions. Does anyone know what credentials the embedded DB client runs as? Here are the complete details as far as I have been able to replicate the issues. It's a bit long but I want to give as many details as possible to the Devs.



Model - ReadyNAS316

Firmware - 6.7.4



AD Authentication enabled

Share - /bob

Network Access Tab - SMB only, user Bob R/W with no other users given any permissions.

File Access Tab - Owner Bob, Group BobsGroup, user Bob R/W with no other users given any permissions.


Cloud Config:

Dropbox enabled

Local Path - /data/Bob/Dropbox

Sync Direction - Bidirection



User Bob has W7 and W10 workstations off-site with Dropbox client installed.

On-site he has X: mapped to \\{ReadyNAS}\Bob.


The Scenario/Issue:

Running locally, all works as expected. Any files placed in X:\Dropbox sync to the DB Cloud and back down to his home workstations with no issues.


Files dropped on his Windows clients at home however cause an issue. They do sync up to the DB Cloud and subsequently to X:\Dropbox, though that part is not immediately evident, as ALL files immediately disappear from X:\. Yes, the root of the share displays empty, not just the \Dropbox folder.


The fix for this is to go into the Admin console (which still shows the share access as I have created it, unmolested) and apply Everyone R/W to the File Access (which causes all the files to imediately repopulate if he has Windows Explorer open to view the folder), then remove Everyone and re-secure with Bob R/W.

When looking at the logs you see nothing other than successes for any sync'ed files:

Date, Time, Downloading /data/Bob/Dropbox/Document1.doc...

Date, Time, /data/Bob/Dropbox/Document1.doc was downloaded to local.


Now the REALLY strange part:

When the folder is blanked out, if Bob locally copies any files to X:\, they are there. But when you do the access fix, they vanish and all the original files come back. Then, the next time access 'breaks', those new files return.


None of these issues happen if you leave /Bob with the credentials Everyone R/W. It is only when you lock it down.


My guess is there is some built-in credential in the embedded DB client that forces exclusive, low-level access to a share if it doesn't already have permission. Unfortunately, the Admin console does not display this new ACL. What it should be doing is appending it's credentials, or from the DB client config you should be able to specify what credentials it uses on the ReadyNAS side. The kicker is, however, once you have AD Authentication enabled, there does not appear to be any way to add the existing local accounts to a share.


Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a fix available? This might be something requiring SSH would be my guess but then my warranty would be void which doesn't seem right.


Thanks in advance!

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