Error received when logging...

Hi guys,

I was just very happy that I have finally gotten my ReadyNAS Photos II running. Well, until now.... Here's the error:

nternal Error! Please login again and report:

Timestamp: Tue Aug 14 21:10:20 GMT-0600 2012
Method: getAlbumInfo
FaultString: Undefined error returned by business logic implementation
FaultCode: Server
FaultDetail: <RNP2Error xmlns:soapenv="">
<RNP2ErrorString>ODBC Error: Query failed</RNP2ErrorString>

I have on another computer the loading of pics on the Advanced Settings for ReadyNAS Photos II. It is under the "Photographer Menu" where I am photos from the pics inside my ReadyNAS.

This error comes up when I try to login. I stopped the other computer from importing and the error is still there. Seems to be a DB error code(?) but I am not sure. It takes some time for the login window to show.

Any ideas?


PS: When there is a time tonight to reboot/restart the NAS, I will test it again.
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Re: Error received when logging...

Try sending r2-d2 a PM with a link to your post.
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