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Folders are duplicated during Amazon Coud Drive synchronisation

Hi, we are using ReadyNAS 104 with firmware 6.7.5 and Cloud synchronisation with Amazon Cloud Drive.

We have about 12 TB of data on the ReadyNAS which are almost fully synchronised, but the NAS is not yet in "live sync" mode and instead it is trying to complete the initial sync.


Now suddenly I can observe that the NAS is downloading folders from the cloud and putting them into different subfolders.


For example, we have these folders on the NAS as well as in Cloud Drive:




The NAS is now downloading 


and all "Studio"s subfolders from the cloud, but that folder does not exist there on the cloud drive. Instead it is where it belongs.


I already restarted the synchronisation but again it is downloading this folder. What is happening here?


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