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HOW-TO: Compile Custom Kernel Modules ReadyNASOS 6.9.X


HOW-TO: Compile Custom Kernel Modules ReadyNASOS 6.9.X

I am going to do this example for the 'ppp' modules. If you need other modules, make adjustments as nessasary.

sudo apt update 
sudo apt install libncurses5-dev 
sudo apt install build-essential 
sudo apt install bc 
sudo apt install linux-image-extra 
sudo depmod -a 
sudo modprobe configs 

os_version=`awk -F[=,] '{print $2}' /etc/os_version` 
arch=`awk -F[=,] '{print $6}' /etc/os_version` 
kernel_version=`uname -r` 

cd ~
mkdir src cd src wget https://www.downloads.netgear.com/files/GPL/ReadyNASOS_V${os_version}_WW_src.zip mkdir ReadyNAS cd ReadyNAS 7z x ../ReadyNASOS_V${os_version}_WW_src.zip cd linux-${kernel_version%.*.*}-$arch zcat /proc/config.gz > .config make menuconfig

Nav to
Device Drivers-->Network device support
expand with an M "PPP (point-to-point protocol) support"
Mark wtih an M:
PPP MPPE compression (encryption)
PPP support for async serial ports
Mark with a * (space bar)
PPP filtering


make prepare 
make modules_prepare 


cd ~/src 
mkdir debian 
cd debian 
mkdir DEBIAN 
mkdir -p lib/modules/${kernel_version}/kernel/lib 
mkdir -p lib/modules/${kernel_version}/kernel/drivers/net/ppp 
mkdir -p lib/modules/${kernel_version}/kernel/drivers/net/slip 
cp ~/src/ReadyNAS/linux-${kernel_version%.*.*}-$arch/drivers/net/ppp/*.ko ~/src/debian/lib/modules/${kernel_version}/kernel/drivers/net/ppp/ 
cp ~/src/ReadyNAS/linux-${kernel_version%.*.*}-$arch/drivers/net/slip/*.ko ~/src/debian/lib/modules/${kernel_version}/kernel/drivers/net/slip/ 
cp ~/src/ReadyNAS/linux-${kernel_version%.*.*}-$arch/lib/crc-ccitt.ko ~/src/debian/lib/modules/${kernel_version}/kernel/lib/ 

printf "Package: ppp-kernel-modules\nVersion: $os_version\nSection: custom\nPriority: optional\nArchitecture: all\nEssential: no\nInstalled-Size: $(du --max-depth=0 | awk '{print $1}')\nMaintainer: Me\nDescription: Custom modules\n" > DEBIAN/control

cd .. 
dpkg-deb --build debian 
mv debian.deb ppp-kernel-modules.deb 
sudo dpkg -i ppp-kernel-modules.deb 

sudo depmod -a


run the following to see if it worked...

sudo modprobe ppp_generic

If it returned no errors you are golden.


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Re: HOW-TO: Compile Custom Kernel Modules ReadyNASOS 6.9.X

Hi @Felson , thanks for posting this. Great to know, that this is possible. Kind regards

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