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Possible FrontView bug with long dependency list in Debian Control file

I've been learning how to put together a .deb using the SDK, google, and looking at the contents of some other apps. I managed to package Radarr, but it freezes FrontView when installing on a fresh system (SDK OS 6 image in a VM). If I have libmono-cil-dev installed prior to installing the .deb it installs just fine. Same .deb installs fine via commandline using gdebi even without libmono-cil-dev installed first.


My assumption is the long time and/or amount of packages it takes to install libmono-cil-dev (required dependency and listed in the .deb control file) is causing an issue with frontview. The progress window will eventually stop updating around 75%. I can kill the /frontview/bin/fv-app-install process from command line to free up frontview, and I can kill the apt-get process to use apt from the command line.


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Re: Possible FrontView bug with long dependency list in Debian Control file

It looks like you were running into an issue that was reported around the same time as this thread:



We got a fix to allow the installation of your package with the large number of dependancies on the 6.8.1 beta release:



I hope that fix works for your package as well.

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