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RN214 VPN Disconnected Issue in with Windows 7

I am currently using a Netgear RN214 NAS with the latest software installed.  Yesterday I attempted to connect a Windows 7 computer using the Readycloud Desktop application that was downloaded while I was connected to the RN214 via a Google Chrome web page.  I had no issues connecting to the RN214 while using the browser application using readycloud.

After installation of the Desktop application I was able to log in without issue and was connected to the RN214 but I got the error message of VPN Disconnected.  I have no issues connecting to the RN214 using Windows 10, and multiple IOS and android devices.  It appears that Windows 7 does not support the desktop application on this computer for some reason.

I did review an older post of a user having the same issue with Windows 7 but the solution is no longer available due to download links for older readycloud applications being removed.


Can anyone provide me a current solution.



Model: RN214|4 BAY Desktop ReadyNAS Storage
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