Re: RN628x with 8 6tb Hdd and need to backup aprox 60 peer to peer pcs RN628X


RN628x with 8 6tb Hdd and need to backup aprox 60 peer to peer pcs RN628X

Readynas 628 with 8  - 6tb hdd's

What I am trying to accomplish: 

I need to backup information from 60  Peer to Peer connected Pc’s  to the Readynas   I am trying to find out the best way to do this.    I have been looking for the best way to do this as the information is critical not to be lost.  I am somewhat new to Readynas so rather than trying to reinvent the wheel I wanted to ask the community how to best accomplish this.

I know possible options are using Mapped drives but there is some info that typically may not move for example .pst files  the amount of storage used on the Pc’s is very low with a few exceptions so storage space on the Readynas is not going to be a problem.

There is really Not a need to sync multiple computers together

The customer is  very price sensitive so I am trying to do this within the operating system and the Readynas  rather than using a licensed product  that can be costly

I wanted to thank anyone that can help in advance for any assistance  you can provide


  • 3 pcs are off site individually connected to the internet
  • 60 pcs & 5 iPad’s are split between 3 locations
  • All networks are Peer to peer 
  • the 3 locations are connected via Dyndns VPN  & each of the 3 locations have the following:   Netgear:   1- CM700 Modem,  1- SRX5308 VPN Firewall, 1 - GS752TX Switch, Multiple GS108Tv-2 Switches Comcast Internet 400Mbps  Via CM700 Modem to SRX5308 Wan port 1 & auto failover Cell Modem to SRX5308 Wan port 2 with Cell modem
  • Wifi at each location via WB7530 Controller & WAC730 Access Points
  • Each location PCs and Printers running on default Vlan    VOIP Phones on a separate VLan 
  • Location 1:  ( is primary and open Mon - Fri 7am - 7pm) 30 Windows Pc's  (a mix of win 10  home and pro), 3 iPad’s,   Readynas 628x  both ports connected via  Cat6  cable 2 meters long to GS752tx ports 51 & 52  
  • Location 2:  (is open Mon - Wed 7am - 5pm)  18 Windows Pc's ( Mix of win 10 home and pro), 2 iPad’s
  • Location 3: ( is open Fri only 7am - 5pm) 12 Win Pcs ( mix of WIn 10 home and pro)


Only about 3 or 4 of the people use Readycloud and that might be a bit high.

About  40  the pcs  over 90 percent of what they do is via web based medical software and backup of that data is done offsite via the Medical Software. other info is misc. documents (.pdf , Spreadsheets, word processing etc) with a few exceptions all the pcs are configured about the same with a few differences.  

2 of the pcs are running Mass Spectrometer software and the data from each of them is critical.  They are both located in location 1 with direct access to the Readynas

3 of the pcs are working processing the info from the Mass Spectrometers and they are also in Location 1with direct access to the ready nas.

The other 15 pcs also access the web based Medical Software but they also do quite a bit of other work documents etc. 

The remote pcs are notebooks and can be brought into location 1 as needed or connect via vpn.


Thank you very much for your help.

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Re: RN628x with 8 6tb Hdd and need to backup aprox 60 peer to peer pcs RN628X

I'm not completely sure what you mean by the peer-to-peer PCs. From the full post, I am guessing that there is an enterprise VPN connecting three sites, so that the PCs on those sites would always be able to reach the NAS.  Also, I am guessing that the three off-site PCs can connect to the enterprise network using a VPN client.  The NAS itself is at site 1.  Let me know if those assumptions are correct.


Knowing if the customer needs to comply with HIPAA might also be relevant (and which devicees store ePHI).  For instance, the relatively few iPads could be backed up to Apple's iCloud - but that is not HIPAA compliant. There is brief analysis for iCloud here:


Trying to use backup jobs on the NAS would be difficult - partly because you have so many devices, and partly because you have little/no control over when the PCs are actually turned on.  I'm not a fan of using ReadyCloud backup - it's quite restrictive on what folders can be backed up.  


Personally I'd look at something like FreeFileSync on the PCs - setting it up with a ReadyNAS share as the destination.  That particular package is free (even for commercial use).  Backups could be scheduled (or not) as you wish.  It'd be simplest if the three folks who aren't at one of the three main locations run the backups manually when they are connected to the enterprise network. But that would require some discipline on their side (to actually run them).


You could potentially use the Home share feature of the ReadyNAS (making a home share the backup destination for each PC).  That would require a user account to be set up for each user, and you'd also want to make sure that the NAS username and password either match the PC login, or are entered as a Windows Credential on the PC..


You don't say how those iPads are used, or what data is actually on them - so it's not obvious whether they actually need to be backed up.


If they do, there are some iOS apps out there that can back up an iPad (or an iPhone) to a network share.  So perhaps look into those for the five iPads. Those tools would only work if the iPad is connected to the enterprise network (either directly, or with a VPN connection).


Resilio sync could also be used (and would work even when the iPads aren't connected to the enterprise network) - though I've never tried to do that with the NAS, and you might run into issues with multiple iPads.  If the iPad users also have a PC, then one strategy is to use Resilio Sync to back up the iPads to their PCs, and then use FreeFileSync to transfer that data to the ReadyNAS.  Resilio Sync wouldn't be free for commercial use, so you would have to price that out.

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Re: RN628x with 8 6tb Hdd and need to backup aprox 60 peer to peer pcs RN628X

1.  Yes you are correct the 3 sites are connected using DYNDNS and A Netgear SRX5308.


2.  Yes the 3 offsite pc's connect with the VPN lite Client (VPN Lite Software Version v6.40.004), that comes with the SRX5308.


3.  The Readynas628x is located at Site 1


I'll try the FREEFILESYNC and see how that works.  ( I'll update after)


THank you and I will update shortly

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