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Wanted: Developer to update NASTools' apps

User NASTools released several apps last year, but has disappeared from the scene.  He has not accessed the forum or his GitHub (https://github.com/NAStools) since December.  It appears either he dropped the ReadyNAS like a hot potato, something bad has befallen him, or he won PowerBall.  Many are looking for updates to his apps (see Apps-by-NAStools).  Updates may become necessary at some OS update.  I personally am looking for a ZeroTier update, as there have been some major changes.  Many more users are not even aware of these apps because they were only "advertised" through that one thread and a few recommendation of ZeroTier I have made.  If I were more of a Linux guru or programmer, I would do so myself.  But I'm mostly a hardware guy.  I looked at his sources and the Netgear developer guides, and I'm pretty lost.  


I could install the current ZeroTier version via SSH and apt-get (I started with it like that before NASTools entered the scene), but I'd lose his GUI (which he "borrowed" from the Windows version) and it would install in the OS partition.  The latter isn't a huge problem for ZeroTier since it's small, but it could be for others.


It would be great if an experienced app developer picked up the ball and ran with it.  If anyone has an inclination to become a developer, NASTools' GitHub sources could be a place to start.  Personally, I'd have no problem paying a small fee like on RNXtras for updates.  If you do charge, it would be nice to hold some aside for NASTools in case he returns.


If somebody has some time for some one-on-one mentoring (maybe a roadmap using one of his apps as an example), I could give it another try myself.

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