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Re: Wasabi initial sync getting stuck


Wasabi initial sync getting stuck

Hi guys, I know that Wasabi is still in Beta on the ReadyNAS, but I have hit a pretty big bug which I cannot seem to get around.

One of my intial syncs is huge - approx. 4.5TB.

It ran for several days, and then got stuck on a certain file. Checking the Wasabi logs showed that the sync was in fact stuck. I then stopped the sync, erased the file in question, and re-ran the sync.

Once it finished reindexing, it then continued to sync beyond where it got stuck before, but then got stuck again later on another file.

As a side note, these were not large files at all.


Is this a limitation of the Wasabi sync engine on the ReadyNAS?

Has anyone else come across this?

Model: RN31600|ReadyNAS 300 Series 6- Bay (Diskless)
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Re: Wasabi initial sync getting stuck



Welcome to the Community!


What firmware version are you running? Have you checked if you have issues with your connection? 


Have you tried to leave/turn off Wasabi service and rejoin the NAS to it? Also, make sure both Internet and Services have green check marks under the Cloud tab.


I have not used Wasabi but I'm sure there are users here that will be able to share.




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Re: Wasabi initial sync getting stuck




Firmware version is 6.10.2 - the newest one currently available.

Connection is good - running a Gb LAN cable onto a LAN, no other connection issues to report on the unit.

Solid 250Mbps fibre up and down.


I've switched Wasabi off and rejoined later - it rescans / reindexes (this takes about 2 hours), and then it gets stuck again.

The 2 green ticks (Internet available, Services available) are there.


If anyone has any experience with Wasabi, it would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.

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