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Re: Where to from ReadyNAS Suirvellance?


Where to from ReadyNAS Suirvellance?

So I've been running an RN104 with ReadyNAS Suirveillance for quite a few years, and it's been hit and miss over time.  I bought extra licenses, had issues unlocking the licenses when the NAS software update failed.... and the software isn't compatible with modern browser versions half the time - some features aren't accessible anymore.


So... where to from here?  Is there better (any?) suirveillance software to run on a ReadyNAS?  Or should I just relegate my ReadyNAS to being a backup device and move to another 'eco system'.  Suggestions?

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Re: Where to from ReadyNAS Suirvellance?

They moved on from Surveillance to Milestone Arcus, and then abandoned that too.


So I'd suggest moving on to something PC-based, and saving the videos on the NAS.

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Re: Where to from ReadyNAS Suirvellance?

I use Blue Iris on a PC and have the NAS set up as the archival device.  I used to run it on a pretty basic older PC, though I recently installed an equipment rack so i could move to rack mounted NAS  and moved Blue Iris to a more powerful rack-mount PC.  By using the NAS as an archival device, you can limit the amount of drive space you need on the PC.  I would not recommend using the NAS (via a share or iSCSI) as primary storage,.

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Re: Where to from ReadyNAS Suirvellance?

An old (or new!) PC may be a solution, but then they tend to be larger boxes and in my view less convenient. So, whilst my multiple ReadyNAS units have served me well for well over 10 years, I decided to purchase an alternative solution that was more feature rich beyond file storage. I'm sure you are aware of two other big names in the NAS space, Synology and QNAP (I purchased a TS-453B), both have integrated surveillance solutions, but I have not actually used neither I'm afraid. My unit came with a 4 camera license included.

(note: my normal user account is aks)
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Re: Where to from ReadyNAS Suirvellance?

I've decided to get a Synology DS918+ with 4 x 4TB Seagate Ironwolf drives.
Doubt anyone is looking for ReadyNAS Surveillance licenses, but will extract the licenses before I shut it down.

Still love my Orbi. But my Netgear NAS days will soon be over.
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