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Re: Writing to LCD on Ultra 6


Writing to LCD on Ultra 6

This may be a bit out of scope but I'm hoping to find someone here who's done this before.

I recently installed Gentoo Linux on my ReadyNAS Ultra 6 as a way to improve my Linux skills and expand the options this system has. Everything appears to be working, besides coretemp not getting any readings from the CPU. That I can probably fix.

However, I'm at a complete loss as to how I can write output to the LCD display. At very least I would clear it, showing the word 'ReadyNAS' 24/7 can't be good. From studying the kernel-config, I'd say its a serial device. But that's about as far as I got. I'm great with Linux & storage, I can bake a lean kernel, but this is new territory.

Does anyone have experience with these functions? Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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Re: Writing to LCD on Ultra 6

echo E > /dev/ttyS1
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Re: Writing to LCD on Ultra 6

You didn't have to drop me in my own ignorance quite so efficiently. :oops:

Thank you so much, I needed to use "quotes" around the command, but it works quite well. I'll see if I can emulate some ReadyNAS functions like the HDD-icons and the RAID-scrub output. You wouldn't happen to know of any documentation on this, do you? I found the Nexenta page as far as possible commands go, but I haven't figured out how to print multiple lines yet.

('lcdproc' looks nice as well, if I can figure out which of the gazillion drivers to use)

EDIT: Oddly enough, the coretemp started working all by itself. Which means I now have full hardware functionality, yay!

Thanks again!
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