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pyLoad How to build?

Some time ago, there was the pyLoad app for ReadyNAS OS (I think it was for 5.x version). But now it is no more available.

Now I would like to build it for my ReadyNAS 104 (and ReadyNAS OS 6.x).

I downloaded and set up the VirtualBox development environment. I read the ReadNASOS SDK ReadMe.

I have the pyLoad source code. 

But I don't know what I have to do next. How can build the app?

I have only to compile them, or I need to set up something?




Alberto A.
Venezia (Italy)
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Re: pyLoad How to build?

You can go to pyLoad's installation guide:


I tried to create an app out of that way back, and it sounded like there was a setup wizzard from their order installation. It does not look likethe setup wizzard is required anymore from glancing at the guide on their wiki.


The pyLoad is python, so most cases they are not required to compile anything and will support multiple platforms with ease. You will need to go through the debian build tools.

I started automating my couchpotato builds with Travis, so you could use that as an example if you would like:

(It doesn't upload the releases yet, but it helps check to see if it builds right now. There are scripts and dependancies that you can use from that config.)

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