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Direct ELC share access permissions not working


Direct ELC share access permissions not working

I have an ELC share configured and syncing with Egnyte. For fast access, we'd like to be able to have direct read/write access to the ELC share on the readyNAS (not going through Egnyte). When I try accessing the //ELC/Shared/ folder some folder permissions aren't right and I'm unable to access folder that I should be. (Screenshot: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s10/sh/65efa6a9-c1bb-440b-93fb-83cab31c3718/a9cdc0e5f7bdcb5e6357872ee16a12ab)

I'm not sure how the ELC share drive permissions should be configured. What should AFS default access setting be? Should egnyte groups be listed below? (https://www.evernote.com/shard/s10/sh/ce71664f-e746-4131-a110-9e838786e57c/1a78a8335d515434448a2f17fb01d315).

- We are trying to access on OSX so using AFP share
- Newly created folders seem to work for the user that created them, but others in the Egnyte group can't access. Previously created folders aren't accessible by anyone.
- I've tried forcing an Egnyte sync
- I've tried resetting to nobody/nogroup as well as admin/admin in the Advanced Settings tab: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s10/sh/e5d63e88-1221-4184-9d0f-ba2ce54eee2d/ce9da3b15d03b96f3b0f2f3df03edef9

I'm happy to complete re-create the ELC share on the ReadyNAS if that resolves the problem.
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Re: Direct ELC share access permissions not working

Do you have the "Advanced CIFS Permissions" enabled? (I would make sure that is enabled"
I would have the nobody/nogroup with the everyone set to read/write. These settings are done on the file level.

I suggest to secure the files/folders on the protocol level to help keep things simple for the file level permissions and have the protocol act as the "gate keeper".
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