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Re: How to configure Automatic v0.6.4-readynas-0.9.7


How to configure Automatic v0.6.4-readynas-0.9.7

I am trying to setup Automatic add-on to watch RSS feeds for torrents. Looking at all the existing threads on this board, there is regular mention of changing the configuration settings in /etc/automatic.conf or /c/addons-config/automatic/automatic.conf however those folders do not exist so I cannot make the necessary changes.

Does anyone have so ideas I can try to make the necessary changes?

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Re: How to configure Automatic v0.6.4-readynas-0.9.7

The addons-config folder is hidden by default so won't appear in the list of shares in explorer, although you can get to it by typing the following into the address bar in windows explorer:


The /etc/automatic.conf folder/file can only be accessed via FTP/Telnet as the root user. For that you'll need to install the EnableRootSSH add-on and either telnet into the box using the telnet app (or PuTTY for Win32) or access the root users account using an FTP program that supports SFTP over SSH (Like SmartFTP).
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Re: How to configure Automatic v0.6.4-readynas-0.9.7

I was using Automatic on the mac. I was wondering if it's possible to migrate the tv shows to from the OS X version of Automatic to the ReadyNas version?

If not could anyone send me an example of their config file with a couple of different filters in it?

I'm finding it's not downloading and torrent files. I've tried a couple of different formats e.g.

filter = { pattern => "TV show 1" }
filter = { pattern => "TV show 2" }
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