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ReadyNAS Egnyte command line tools


ReadyNAS Egnyte command line tools

Would be great to get a quick list of helpful commands for viewing logs, permissions and such when using SSH with the readynas.
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Re: ReadyNAS Egnyte command line tools

Hello. Here's a list of some common commands that you can use with your ReadyNAS. Please let me know if you have any questions!


Log File Location
(OLC) - /c/ELC/.log
Below are examples to open the log file locally.
less /c/ELC/.log/dm.log
less /c/ELC/.log/processor.log
You can use up and down arrow keys, or pgup and pgdn keys to scroll to the page.
Type 'q' to quit.
processor.log - sync related errors
dm.log - drive monitor errors (i.e. local activity)

Tail a Log file
You can tail a log file while running a sync to see running activity.
tail -f /c/ELC/.log/dm.log
tail -f /c/ELC/.log/processor.log
Click Shift+Ctrl+C to stop the tail of logs.

Go to a directory
To go to a directory in Local Cloud while in SSH:
cd /c/ELC/Shared/Foldername (For ELC simply replace /c/ELC with /egnyte)

Copy data to another directory while keeping timestamps (RSYNC)
This example shows rsycn of data within the NAS shares (e.g. 'Company' share to '/ELC/Shared' folder both on the NAS)
rsync -arv /c/Company/ /c/ELC/Shared
The next example shows rsync of data from a local folder to the Shared folder on the VM (ELC).
rsync -arv /local/folder/ root@vm.ip:/egnyte/Shared/

To see running egnyte processes
ps -ef | grep egnyte
(There are a total of 4 Egnyte services)

Stop and start OLC service

To check for folder permissions, we have an interface under the OLC settings page (Tools > Folder Permissions).
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