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Users can not save files


Users can not save files

We have been experiencing and intermittent problem with saving files to the ReadyNAS. When users go to save a file after modifications is does not always allow the user to overwrite the file. It requires the user to give the file a new name to save. I have gone in to the folder where the user are trying to save the file and I am able to create, modify and delete a file, but whenever they try to save/overwrite a file it does not allow it. The problem started with acrobat and now I am getting reports of Word and Excel and does not happen all the time. Our desktops are windows 7 32 bit with Office 2007 and Acrobat version 8,9,10. We are running a Windows 2008 R2 server as our domain controller with mapped drives to the ELC share on the NAS.

Any Ideas?
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Re: Users can not save files


This issue is due to the software of the application locking the documents. This issue occurs typically with MS Word and similar applications. Make sure no other users are accessing the document and that is was closed out properly. I assume you also see the "locked" file in the ReadyNAS share as well, this indicates the document is open somewhere else.
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Re: Users can not save files

Hi ytp,

There could be several reasons for the issue. First, as the last poster mentioned, it could be the document locking functionality. Documents can be locked by users that are editing the file to prevent other users from overwriting their edits. Such is not a bug and is as intended to prevent multiple version conflicts.

Second, it could be an AD connectivity issue. If your users are working remotely through AD authentication, there might be connectivity problems that cause permission disconnects, preventing users from overwriting existing files. If this is the case, first make sure you have upgraded to the latest version (better permission handling), then if the problem persists, submit a ticket here and I'll have support/engineering directly look into it.

Hope that helps,
~ Johnny
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Re: Users can not save files


Has this problem been resolved.
We suffer from this on a regular basis on our
Model: ReadyNAS NV+ v2
Serial: 2V0324EN00160
Firmware: RAIDiator 5.3.7
Using SMB sharing protocol with Windows 7 Pro machines

The only resolution at the moment is to rest the permissions from the Shares Administration screen.
This is not acceptable in a business environment!

Please provide a fix for this.
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