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In posts and googles re utorrent on Readynas and this topic viewtopic.php?f=36&t=45059&start=225&hilit=utorrent it became confusing.

I (obviously) could not successfully load utorrent (Ultra2 or Pro2). It installed but the gui never came worked despite following many posts' suggestions.

All I want is a torrent program on either NAS (preferably the Ultra) which can be configured to use a proxy. A GUI showing progress, up/down etc ... or a Howto ...
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Re: uTorrent

If you have ssh access you can run utserver directly and see what messages are coming out. Maybe from that we can make a suggestion.

This is probably way more work than you want to take on and I don't know if your boxes' cpus support virtualization, but I followed mattyshacks instructions to install VirtualBox on my PRO 6. Then I created a vm that runs Ubuntu LTS 12.04 64 bit. Within that you can easily install the utorrent server and set up openvpn or a standard proxy. You can configure apache on the main readynas web to redirect the utorrent web to the virtual machine so it looks like it is local. This works great and I highly recommend it. Plus you can create vm's for other things and you can run the latest versions of software instead of the outdated versions available for the pro/ultras.

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