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AC1600/6250 Power Consumption


AC1600/6250 Power Consumption

How much power for AC1600/C6250?  DC or AC would help.  Not a hard question for Circuits 101.  I did get a nice binary answer about fan.


TCM S (3/15/2023, 8:19:22 PM): Hi . Thank you for choosing NETGEAR.
TCM S (3/15/2023, 8:19:33 PM): My name is Salik. How may I assist you today?
Me (3/15/2023, 8:19:51 PM): https://www.netgear.com/support/>[BEFORE YOU BUY]>HOME>CHAT.
I am looking at AMAZON: NETGEAR Cable Modem Wi-Fi Router Combo C6250.
Right now I have COX cable with internet only, using their modem. It does just what I need, ethernet for FAX and VOIP landline, and WiFi for TV, computer and iPhones.
Troubles are:
1) Fan noise, not bad but too much.
2) Too much power. I want longer UPS backup.

I cannot find any specs on C6250/AC1600 AC power or description of w/fan or not.

What can you tell me about fan and power?
TCM S (3/15/2023, 8:22:09 PM): Thank you for mentioning your concern. I will be happy to assist you today.
Me (3/15/2023, 8:23:28 PM): Oh, good, Salik. I tried a couple times and got cancelled before I finished typing. So this time I made a text file ahead of time and plopped it in when we connected. --Fred
TCM S (3/15/2023, 8:24:10 PM): I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.
TCM S (3/15/2023, 8:24:49 PM): There's no such fan installed in this modem router.
Me (3/15/2023, 8:24:53 PM): No worries. I have learned how to work in the background 🙂
TCM S (3/15/2023, 8:25:48 PM): So you don't have to worry about this router being noisy.
Me (3/15/2023, 8:26:19 PM): That's what I was hoping. How about Watts of AC?
TCM S (3/15/2023, 8:27:55 PM): It will have a power adaptor with standard voltage of 120 V.
Me (3/15/2023, 8:28:51 PM): Right. And how much power will it want from 120 V?
TCM S (3/15/2023, 8:29:51 PM): It will be a nominal one, would be less then your TV power consumption, I may not have the exact figures, but yes it's quite less.
TCM S (3/15/2023, 8:30:47 PM): Allow me a moment, let me get back with your question.
TCM S (3/15/2023, 8:31:29 PM): It will probably be 12V 2.5A
TCM S (3/15/2023, 8:34:54 PM): Are we still connected?
Me (3/15/2023, 8:35:41 PM): Let's try something different. Do they tell you about its DC requirements, Volts and milliamps?
TCM S (3/15/2023, 8:36:27 PM): You just have to make sure you are using the 12 VDC 2.5A power adapter that NETGEAR supplied for this product.
Me (3/15/2023, 8:36:41 PM): You answered that while I was reasking. I take that as 30 Watts DC. Quite a lot, actually hard to believe.
TCM S (3/15/2023, 8:37:58 PM): Alright, I believe that you will be connecting most of your devices with this modem router, so this should be fair, but yes your feedback is noted, and will be passed on to the engineering team.
Me (3/15/2023, 8:39:32 PM): I hope the engineering team will follow up and answer me. Let me repeat my email addr from the initial form: fjunkb@sbcglobal.net. It shouldn't be a very tough question for them.
TCM S (3/15/2023, 8:39:46 PM): Ok, you can also raise your concern at community.netgear.com
TCM S (3/15/2023, 8:39:57 PM): Netgear's community platform.
TCM S (3/15/2023, 8:40:12 PM): Apart from this, Would there anything else I may help you with?
Me (3/15/2023, 8:40:48 PM): NO
TCM S (3/15/2023, 8:41:02 PM): Alright.
TCM S (3/15/2023, 8:41:09 PM): Once the case is close, you will receive a customer satisfaction survey. I would appreciate it so much if you could please spare a minute of your precious time to rate the service and support I had provided you today.
TCM S (3/15/2023, 8:41:16 PM): Thank you for choosing NETGEAR, have a great day ahead. Be safe. Byee!!
Me (3/15/2023, 8:42:03 PM): Netgear has not been chosen yet. That's why I began with your "VEFORE YOU BUY"
TCM S (3/15/2023, 8:43:13 PM): It will probably be, let me correct myself, Thank you choosing Netgear technical support assistance.
TCM S (3/15/2023, 8:43:46 PM): You have a wonderful day ahead. Be safe. Byee!!
TCM S (3/15/2023, 8:45:40 PM): I would request you to please disconnect the chat from your end, if you do not have any other queries.


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Re: AC1600/6250 Power Consumption

Not sure why 30 watt is so hard to believe. Some of the newer ones are 60 watt so 40 for an older C6250 that is less powerful is right about what I'd expect. 

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Re: AC1600/6250 Power Consumption

Routers, even modern beefy ones, use DC as current and consume no more than 20W, usually less.
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