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Best UK ISP for ORBI compatibility


Best UK ISP for ORBI compatibility

Hi everyone,


I've had an ORBI system for the past year or so (RBK53  + Satellite & voice smartspeaker satellite).  I have been with Sky Fibre broadband so have had to have it in AP mode. It mostly works and is stable, but has some issues. Main issue is if the sky modem goes down the system doesn't automatically reconnect and I have to go through a specific on-off procedure to get everything working again. I'm not sure, but I also wonder if I get as good coverage as I would do in Router mode.  I have quite a long distance to try and cover as I'm extending across my garden with a satellite in our garage at the bottom of the garden, and it is only just in range in AP mode. 


I'm coming to the end of my contract with Sky so was wondering if there are any fibre broadband networks in UK that supply a modem that plays nicely with the ORBI system and will let me use it to its full capability.  We don't have cable so it has to be fibre broadband.  I've had a look online, but all you generally find are the ones with issues (usually Sky).  


Thanks in advance!



Model: RBK53|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi System, RBS40V|Orbi Voice Add-on WiFi Satellite and Smart Speaker
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