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Re: Best decently priced router?


Best decently priced router?

I'm in the market for a decently priced router to replace the default Comcast router. I realized I get charged 11 dollars a month for it and figured buying my own would save me in the long run!

Willing to go up to 150 but would love under 100!

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Re: Best decently priced router?

Is it a router only device or a modem/router combo device? 

Bit of a difference on price. 

Also, how much area are you trying to cover?

What is your home made of? (certain materials block wifi)

how many devices and services are you trying to support? 

What speeds do you all pay for? 


These are key questions as your budget might not match your expectations. Sometimes the $11 is worth it over needing a $300 router if your budget isn't there. 

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