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CG3000v2 Netgear Modem - Router FW V2.08.07 Genie changes don't stick & solution


CG3000v2 Netgear Modem - Router FW V2.08.07 Genie changes don't stick & solution

Hi Everybody, 

I have spent all day trying to make a few simple changes to my WiFi security.

I wanted to change the initial login password, then the SSID name, the channel number, the operating mode (WPA2) and the network pass phrase.

I have used my chrome browser pointed to to connect to my modem and make changes.  The trouble was almost any changes I made soon dissapeared after I applied the changes, and reverted back to the original settings.

On occaision I got a change through but only 1 parameter, the others reverted?

I concluded the modem software is junk.


I also discovered by trial and error - as I could not find it noted anywhere in the modem manual or on your site - that the pass phrase will not accept space characters.

Using Genie, it also did not accept some other characters like $.

Maybe this is not true and just a glitch in the Genie software?  Do tell?



Later I tried the Genie and Nighthawk apps on my ipad - both not compatible with the modem - both fails.

But - using SAFARI on my ipad air 3 to access the modem via , I was able to make all the wanted changes!  The changes stuck after I hit the Apply button!  Of course I had to change the wifi settings on the ipad after changing them on the modem, as you would expect.

So Chrome on win7 pc - fails, while Safari on an ipad works?  Why?  Who would expect that to happen?  I hope this helps someone not waste hours and hours.

I am only using Netgear because my ISP provided the modem, no choice, but from what I have read on your site, I would not touch Netgear with a 10 foot pole if I had a choice. 🙂





Model: CG3000-2STAUS (CG3000v2)|Cable Modem. Gateway
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