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Can't connect devices to 5Ghz


Can't connect devices to 5Ghz

I've tried everything.  None of my devices (phone, laptop, Roku, etc.) are able to connect to the 5Gh channel.  They connect fine to the 2.4Ghz.  There is an "authentication" error that causes the connection process to time out.


I highly suspect it has something to do with Netgear's own inept update process and they somehow screwed up the firmware.  I'm running the latest V1.0.1.38_1.0.68.  I remember a time when I was able to connect to the 5Ghz channel and then it stopped. 


Netgear itself is utterly useless in helping so I figured I'd reach out here.  If I can't get it to work, in the trash it goes and I'll never buy another Netgear product again.  It's been nothing but poor connections, dropped connections, and slow connections. It shouldn't be this hard.

Model: WNDR3400v3|N600 Wireless Dual Band Router
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Re: Can't connect devices to 5Ghz

well if you think its a firmware issue you can try a factory reset and reinstall.

Or even downgrade the firmware to an older version. 

If it was firmware causing it, then that'd fix it. 

I'd recommend any firmware changes be done over a hardwired connection. 


It might also just be giving up. that specific version was made in 2014 and the original came out in 2010. They're getting a bit older something could have failed hardware wise. 

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