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I'm starting to lose my mind with my 5ghz wifi problem. Please help


I'm starting to lose my mind with my 5ghz wifi problem. Please help

Hello Everyone,

I currently have a Netgear r6400, which has served me well but seems to have tremendous issues with both of the windows 10 laptops in my household with the 5ghz band. When I'm using either windows 10 laptop(One is an Asus Zenbook, the other is a Dell XPS 13), my 5ghz wifi network seems to have a huge amount of problems.

When I turn the laptop on, it just wont find the 5 ghz network, but will always see my 2.4 ghz network right away. When I check the network list, I see all the other 5 ghz networks that are located in my building but it can take sometimes 3 minutes before my routers 5ghz network will show up. Now when I do finally connect to it, It will periodically disconnect and cant find the network again. This happens on both of the laptops from completely different OEMS. The kicker is that every other device in my house (Apple Tv 4k, Amazon Echo, 2 Iphones, Chromecast, and an Ipad) never have a single issue holding the connection to my 5ghz wifi and it works flawlessly.

I factory reset my router and it still seems to be an issue so I've run out of ideas. What doesn't make sense to me is that the 5ghz network plays so nicely with every other network connected device but the windows 10 laptops have such a hard time. I would chalk it up to windows 10 being buggy, but then it also makes no sense why my laptop can see every other 5ghz signal in my apartment building, yet it has issues with mine.

I really appreciate if anyone has any insight into this, it has been driving me crazy for months and I cant seem to figure out an answer.

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Re: I'm starting to lose my mind with my 5ghz wifi problem. Please help

Could be releated to the WiFi chipset used in the lappies and/or drivers. If most of your other devices play nice with the router, I'd blame the lappies.
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