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Issues connecting 2 Xbox’s on Orbi


Issues connecting 2 Xbox’s on Orbi

After resetting my Orbi system I can get both my Xbox’s to work on open Nat for COD modern warfare. After a few days I start to get one Xbox on open and then the other will go onto moderate.

I have tried port forwarding and still I get the same issue.

Why should I have to spend a lot off money on a system that will not accept more than one Xbox.

As a major manufacturer you should be making firmware that automatically does all the work for the end user.

I was thinking about looking at a new router but I am a little fed up with having to spend more money so my son and I can play online at the same time with out issues.

Please someone from Netgear get your devs who write firmware to fix these problems.

I have read quite a bit and I am technically minded but when spending over £400 for a router system you would expect this to work right out of the box.

Please help. Thanks
Model: RBR50|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Router
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