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Looking for VPN setup advice


Looking for VPN setup advice

I have a Netgear AC1900 Modem Router at home. We only have one internet provider in my area and it's slow. I want to use my Proton VPN service to just cover all the devices that hook to my internet without running the app on each individual device. From what I am researching it looks like I need a router that is Open VPN compatible. The AC1900 is not VPN compatible from what I can see. What are my options to accomplish this? Does Netgear make a Modem Router that is capable of this? Or do I plug another Router into this one? Is that even possible? I know the basics and not a networking guru at all so please any advice will help. Thanks.

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Re: Looking for VPN setup advice

what I'd do? 

If you're set on that VPN, check with their compatible routers and pickup one of those. 

then you set the current on in modem only mode and connect the VPN router to it. 

That'll achieve what you're trying to do

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