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My mesh network is not handing off devices


My mesh network is not handing off devices

I spent a lot of money buying this solution. I have a RBK50 — Orbi AC3000, with 2 satellites, one an outdoor. It has become obvious that it is not handing off my laptop as I move about the area that is being covered. When I look at the device map to see the main router and satellites, even though I am outside near the outdoor satellite, it shows me connected to the indoor router with 1.2mbps speeds (I have 800mbps service).


I first tried customer support only to find that you get 90 days of support - WTF. I wish I had known what this experience would be like I really would never have invested in this, but here I am.


Does anyone in the community have any advise on how to get my expensive mesh network to act like a mesh network. My laptop I am using is a 2019 Macbook Pro, so it is brand new.


Maybe there is a setting that I missed?


Thanks for your help.




Model: RBR50|Orbi AC3000 Tri-band WiFi Router
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