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New Home Setup Question


New Home Setup Question

Seriously novice networking question here:

Just bought a new house wired with Cat5E to a media panel in my son's closet. Would like to have our modem and R7000P router in the media panel but don't want to broadcast wifi from inside the media panel. Instead, would like to route wired traffic out from the R7000P, to several rooms connecting at the media panel and turn wifi off on this router.

If I buy something like an EX7000 access point (or two) and connect by ethernet in one (or two) of these other rooms, will that work to create a reliable wifi network? Will IP conflicts arise?

Thanks to anyone who is able to offer insight.

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Re: New Home Setup Question

Yes, it'll work.

Is it the best option? Not really

If its going to be hardwired in, I'd actually check into something like the orbi dual band or MK nighthawk dual band series. They both support wired backhaul and it'd probably be around the same price to get a 3 pack of those versus 2x EX7000's. Plus then it'd give you a mesh network with better roaming. It'd be a more stable/seamless system than piecing it together with the R7000P and EX7000's. 

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