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POE not working on all ports for FS728TLP Switch


POE not working on all ports for FS728TLP Switch


I am connecting 6 Ring Elite Stick Up cams to my switch via the POE connectivity. These Ring cams are POE compatible. However, I was only able to get three of them to work. The other three inputs into the switch are not lighting up green. The cameras are powered on and can be put in set up mode, but everytime I try to connect to them to the internet I get the error that it is having trouble connecting. Again, they are powering up via the POE connection, so I know they are at least getting power over ethernet, but why are they unable to connect to internet. Is it my switch? Like I said, these three inputs are not lighitng up green. Tried a reset and it didn't work. Should I try a factory default reset? Will that require me to set up all the cameras again?


Model: FS728TLP|28-Port 10/100 Fast Ethernet PoE Smart Managed Pro Switch with 12 PoE Ports
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