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Orbi WiFi 7 RBE973

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Product recommendation

I am replacing an older wifi router and am considering the RBK75x series. My house has aluminum siding which has its challenges getting a signal into a sunroom, and to the back deck. I am considering an Orbi solution, but have a question. I believe replacing my router with an Orbi router and putting a satellite in myl iving room, immediately adjacent to the open door into the sun room should get coverage there. In order to extend that coverage into the backyard and deck outside the sunroom, I'm considering two options. The first would just be an additional satellite in the sunroom which would probably daisy chain to the one in the living room and extend coverage to the back. The other one would be the outdoor satellite (RBS50Y). Both list coverage as 2500 sq. ft. so I am wondering whether they have equivalent coverage. The deck is probably around 50-60 feet outside the window of the sunroom, so I am wondering whether the weather protection and additional cost of the outdoor unit is really required or an addition indoor one would do the trick. Thanks.

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