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Question: R6700v3 port forward to DHCP system?


Question: R6700v3 port forward to DHCP system?

A hopefully quick question...

I've got an R6700v3 at home and currently have port forwarding set up to a Linux box with an (internal LAN) static IP. Is it possible to change that system config so it gets fed its IP via DHCP (from the router) and still be able to maintain the port fowarding?

[Basically - my thought process is ... this system would maintain the same zeroconf name (foobar.local), so, theoretically, it would be "findable" by that. However, the port forwarding configuration only allows entry of an IP or selection from a list - which converts to the relevant IP... I don't know if it would "save" the relevant information to repopulate if that host moves to a different internal IP.]

Thanks all in advance!

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