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R6260 Access Control Question (allowing device to use Internet but not LAN)


R6260 Access Control Question (allowing device to use Internet but not LAN)

Hi, everyone,

As the subject suggests, I have a second router connected to an Ethernet port. I want to restrict it to only being able to use the Internet, but not access anything on my home network. I would use DMZ, but I want to be able to access the router from my main LAN. I'm not sure if Access Control gets me what I want either, as everything I'm seeing suggests that blocks the device from the Internet and the LAN.

Basically, my setup looks like this:


GL-inet router <-----> Second LAN


Netgear Router <---- Home LAN




So, I want the Second LAN//GL-inet to access the Internet only, and the Home LAN/Netgear to access both the Internet and the Second LAN (through port forwarding on the routers).

Is this possible with the stock firmware, do I need to install something like OpenWRT, or do I need a different router altogether to make this work?

Thanks and have a great night. 🙂

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