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RBK753S - "Orbi not found" on setup


RBK753S - "Orbi not found" on setup

Just picked this up (router + 2 satellites) from Costco (RBK753S-100NAS), and so far it is the most frustrating piece of crap I've ever owned. I installed the app on my iPhone and everything progresses smoothly until it forces me to do a firmware update. After that, I can see the wifi icon my phone that shows I'm connected to a signal, but it keeps saying "Orbi not found" no matter what I do (yes, I've disabled cell data on my phone, reset modem and Orbi, etc etc). I also can't use the orbilogin.com or IP address option either ( If I type either of those into safari or chrome (on iPhone or iMac) it just hangs and says I'm not connected. Tech support was useless and a complete waste of my time (on hold off and on while they tried to help and then finally disconnected me). Is there something I'm missing? Did Costco ship me a bad unit? Please help, this is so frustrating. For now I've unplugged the Orbi and am using my old Apple Airport Time Capsule.

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