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Re: Schedule restart of R6400


Schedule restart of R6400

At the moment there is no easy way to schedule restarts other than an outlet timer. Has anyone been able to do this recently or could this be a request for future development?


Why would I want to do that? The router stops responding to vpn traffic until a restart every so often. My theory is that packet loss somehow impacts it. I had a smart outlet that died and I would like to configure a cron job either on the router or via an outside device.


This previous thread had good tips but the setup has changed and posting directly the old .cgi does not seem to work.



From what I could find the restart is buried under "newgui_adv_home.cgi". When you click restart it sets the value of buttonSelect to 2 and submits the form. I need a way to pass the randomly generated ID during login to from.


Form without clicking reboot:

<form action="newgui_adv_home.cgi?id=21272b6f4dea791c62698c1ddda05b2b2cddfc1a9984dc669a6aa1c13b221d24" method="post">


<input type="hidden" value="1" name="buttonSelect">
<input type="hidden" name="enable_apmode" value="0">
<input type="hidden" name="wantype" value="dhcp">





Results in:

Sorry,your timestamp is expired.
Please click the menu to re-enter the page.


The below does not work either as I suspect it needs the "id" in addition to buttonSelect.

wget -q --post-data 'buttonSelect=2' http://USER:PASS@192.168.x.1/newgui_adv_home.cgi


Lastly, apologies for the long post.



Model: R6400|AC1750 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: Schedule restart of R6400

You could always put it in as an idea. Doubtful anything would happen on that old of a router but there's always a chance. 

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Re: Schedule restart of R6400

The R6400 is a router. Your have posted in the section given over to DSL modem/routers.


You might get more informed feedback in the section for the R6400.





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Re: Schedule restart of R6400

Both good points. I voted for the scheduled restart idea and will see. Thank you both.



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Re: Schedule restart of R6400

By the way, you can use the Nighthawk app to reboot a router by remote control through Anywhere Access.


Rather than a mechanical switch, maybe a programmatic approach would work.


How do I enable or disable Anywhere Access on my router using the Nighthawk app? | Answer | NETGEAR ...







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