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Setting up my Orbi Voice strictly as a speaker


Setting up my Orbi Voice strictly as a speaker

I was running my Orbi Voice as a speaker and WiFi range extender, but the WiFi range extender part has been unreliable so I bought a standalone Linksys WiFi extender to use, but I still want to use the speaker of the Voice. i guess i have a bunch of questions on how best to set things up.


  • since the orbi and my new extender will be right next to each other, I wanted to disable the wifi broadcasting of the orbi and just use it as a wireless speaker back to my router. is this possible or will disabling the wifi also disable the connection back to the router (for the speaker)?
  • are the ethernet ports on the back of my orbi inputs or outputs? Maybe I can hardwire my Linksys extender back to my router and then hardwire from the extender to the orbi to improve sound performance?
  • If I connect it to the linksys, how would that affect my Spotify connection? currently, both my iPad (with spotify app) and orbi voice need to be connected to the same router. If I set up the network this way (hardwired to linksys extender), would i then have to connect my ipad to the extender?

Sorry for the many questions. Thanks everyone!

Model: RBS40V|Orbi Voice Add-on WiFi Satellite and Smart Speaker
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