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Smart Parental Controls not working RAX48


Smart Parental Controls not working RAX48

I could not find my router listed it is an AX6 RAX48.  I have called for technical support several times and keep getting disconnected after being batted around a lot.  My problem is with the parental smart controls.  The application is supposed to do 3 thing.

1) limit the amount of time a childs devices can spend on the internet

2) limit the amount of time on a specific site (youtube in my case)

3) shut off the internet at a specified toime for specific devices.


The application has my childs devices limited to 2hrs.  It shows the devices exceeding that limit without actually shutting off the internet.

My child is accessing youtube for longer then allowed (I know this form the log in the application)

My child is staying connected past the bed time, again confrimed by the application log.


Technical support at the 1-888-638-4327 barely seems aware of the application.

Model: RAX40|Nighthawk AX4 4-Stream WiFi Router
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