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Re: VPN not working; blocked ports on Netgear router


VPN not working; blocked ports on Netgear router

Not sure what our model number it is (not home right now); have been using my VPN to contact to work and all of a sudden it doesn't connect. My service provider (Optimum) said that 2 ports were being blocked on my router (Netgear).  Service provider said to check with Netgear why there is a block.  When I called a phone number I got off the internet - it was definetely a scam - could fix the problem in 1 minute for $300.  The person said my router has been compromised with "Alureon".

If anyone can assist, would appreciate it.

Thank you


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Re: VPN not working; blocked ports on Netgear router

@TKelleher Theresa,


What kind of VPN are we facing here? 


What Netgear device model are we facing here? Check the label on the back or bottom...


What port's is the talk of here?


Some elderly Netgear devices are known to be not VPN-transparent, this could be IP port or certain TCP protocol numbers. 


Never ever search of support phone numbers on the Internet. Never. Scam guaranteed. Better buy some community members a beer or coffee. However, lack of information it's difficult to help.

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Re: VPN not working; blocked ports on Netgear router

Hi Everyone

Model# is WNDR4300.

VPN is for my office

Service Provider said ports 75 & 80 are blocked - they feel it's a router problem

IT group said ports1723 & 47 are being blocked and need to know if PPTP VPN is being blocked.

VPN was working all along up until this past week when I needed to sign on to it.

I checked our router - appears all is working,  first 3 green lights are on' 1 blue light is on

and 1 yellow light is on (position #4).

Again, if anyone has advice/solution, please let me know.


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